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The Royal Porcelain Factory, known throughout the world with the Royal Copenhagen brand, is a porcelain manufacturer founded in Copenhagen in 1775. Its products are distinguished by its trademark, the three overlapping wavy lines that represent the three narrow sea of Denmark: Oresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt.

At the end of 1700 the factory began the realization of the famous Flora Danica porcelain set commissioned by the Danish royal family as a gift for the Empress Catherine II of Russia, a passionate collector of porcelain. The monumental set had to consist of 2500 pieces, each different from the other, and therefore required years of work. The artist who dedicated most of his life to it was Johann Christoph Bayer who modeled the 1802 pieces of the service by hand, and then decorated them with golden edges and Danish flora drawings. The work was never actually delivered in Russia and was finally donated for the marriage of Princess Alexandra of Denmark with the future Edward VII of England in 1863. However, it remains the largest porcelain set ever made by a handmade manufacturer. Flora Danica is today a very specific style, still modeled and decorated by hand in the Royal Copenhagen factory today.

Until now the decorations are oriented to the use of cobalt blue only on a white background. This distinctive decoration, the Blue Fluted is distinctive of almost all Danish production. A thin, very refined floral decoration is still rigorously hand painted today, for each piece it takes about 1000 meticulous brush strokes.

For over 240 years, Royal Copenhagen has been making porcelains of the highest quality and artistic value that acquire value over time. They are handmade pieces in full respect of tradition and raw material such as porcelain.

Whoever buys a Royal Copenhagen piece buys a piece of Danish culture and part of the cultural heritage, having a Royal Copenhagen object in your home or office means adding a collector's item and elevating the style in a refined and elegant way.

Royal Copenhagen porcelain is a symbol and a way of life.