Carreda was born thinking of the wonderful Ca'd'Oro palace in gothic art on the Grand Canal in Venice, now a museum of art objects. Since 1986 it has been in the ancient Via Marconi in Campobasso and with particular regard to the home world, Carreda has dedicated himself to the sale of Murano glass, gradually the proposals multiply to satisfy all needs, from the elegant, prestigious and refined object to the everyday and functional one.

Today it is a purchase advice, the guarantee of a correct, original and quality choice. Always competence, discretion, style, simplicity and essential nature are the characteristics that make our name present as the first reference for refined and demanding customers.

The variety of our items is due to the constant search for the best Italian and European products, thinking exclusively of the object as an aesthetic form in its functionality, together with the emotions and sensations it instills. Every corner of the house must be an expression of our personality, it must reflect our lifestyle, it must only highlight our taste in order not to make it a standard model or a copy.

The positive feedback from our customers is for us a personal satisfaction for this work that we carry out with so much attention.