vesti la tua tavola con il runner

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With a runner you can dress up your table in an alternative way, it has now become an indispensable complement to set the table in a different way, while maintaining an elegant style, in fact we can obtain a refined result even without the use of traditional tablecloths or even better, we can combine the two things to achieve a magical effect.

It is a band of fabric about half a meter wide with which we can set the table in a different way depending on the occasion, they can be used alone, leaving the surface of the table uncovered or combined with preferably plain and pastel colored tablecloths, pairing rules with the tablecloth are the same for tie and shirt, better to combine a plain color tablecloth with a plain or patterned runner, doing the opposite or combining a patterned tablecloth and a patterned runner is more complicated, you risk getting a mess of colors and shapes that differ from each other. A classic combination can be to use a white tablecloth and a red or gold patterned runner combined with a nice centerpiece for Christmas day, doing so we can give a new face to the table and we can do the same for any other occasion of the year.

If you want to use it alone you can do it with a table that allows it, for example with a glass table the runner is to be avoided because it would leave a surface uncovered that in contact with the skin is cold, on the contrary with a wooden table we can enhance the shapes and the grain of the wood itself, always keeping in mind that the table runner must marry well with the color of the table, whether light or dark.

The runner can be used on holidays to transform the table in an elegant way but also every day, it can be an ideal solution for a couple's daily meals, it is a more comfortable and quick solution to the tablecloth without sacrificing elegance.